Business Opportunities


  • New port facilities
  • Airport & port operators
  • Hospitality & public venues
  • Security companies
  • Municipalities
  • Housing
  • Logistics
  • Pre-Salt - Oil Industry
  • World cup
  • Olympics
  • Agribusiness
  • Infra-structure construction projects
  • Banking and financial
  • Etc…


How does it work?

a. SIS4Biz will evaluate clients core business and objectives during SWOT Meeting
b. SIS4Biz will research and recommend existing infrastructure projects that best meets requirements
c. SIS4Biz will establish client’s Brazilian corporation and / or find best suited partner to work with
d. SIS4Biz will provide necessary legal and accounting assistance
e. SIS4Biz will engage activate network and government relationships for additional support
f. SIS4Biz will provide support with required registrations and necessary vendor list applications
g. SIS4Biz will make available marketing strategies and services for competitiveness and market share participation

How to get started?

a. Click on “Do It Now”
b. Complete form and schedule SWOT meeting
c. Conclude payment of SWOT meeting fee
d Download the Non Disclosure Agreement already signed by SIS4Biz, complete with your information, sign and send according to instructions
e. SWOT meeting will identify and gather necessary materials and information to create the most effective and cost efficient plan of action
f. SIS4Biz will provide detailed recommendations and a proposal for additional services within seven days after SWOT meeting
g. By request and proposal approval, SIS4Biz will initiate process for execution and implementation of the plan h. Weekly progress reports will be made available to clients through Client Login Area on SIS4Biz website

  Recent News:  

Brazil's government pledged to spend R$ 20.1 billion (US$11.5 billion) to fund infrastructure and transportation works aimed at preparing the country to host the 2014 soccer World Cup.

Phase two of Brazil's 'Growth Acceleration Program', also known as 'PAC' was launched with an infrastructure investment plan of R$ 958.8 billion (US$ 532.6 billion) for use between 2011 and 2014.

Brazilian minister Pedro Brito, of the Special Secretariat for Ports, stated that the ports sector is a priority, and will receive investment of 3.2 billion Brazilian reais (US$ 1.8 billion) from the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) of the federal government over the next few years.

Votorantim announced their need to import 300,000 tons of cement from Vietnam to meet strong demand in Ceará state, the company is also in the process of constructing eight new plants throughout the country.