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Client Value   

Advantage of having a customized team of experts with many years of experience in Brazil – Latin American projects available, providing a complete, outsourced, international development department.

Many years of combined professional and management experience, developing business in Brazil and US together with extensive knowledge of international trade, logistics and supply chain.

Existing, long term relationship with key decision makers from government, port facilities, ocean carriers and multiple industries already in place to help develop business and partnerships.

Ability to assess needs with necessary country knowledge. Provide outside perspective, communicate goals, participate on negotiations, and implement needed changes to effectively improve competitiveness.

Experienced in qualifying companies with adequate certificates and vendor registrations requirements needed to supply to government agencies and large corporations in Brazil.  

Understand that businesses that are striving to achieve and maintain a competitive edge in the global market need to be backed by efficient and strong ground support.

Existing network with access to variety of industries and trade-related services within legal, banking, media, public relations, supply chain, ethanol plant development and clean energy projects including waste to energy (WTE) and wind energy.

Expertise for all types of negotiations, including partnerships, property purchase, lease, supply chain and any negotiation for business opportunities and development in Brazil and Mercosur countries.