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Portuguese Immersion Course in Brazil

All programs include full on-ground support in Brazil with local phone number and call center for inbound and outbound call handling, full logistic and financial support for assistance with sales, delivery and payment options.

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Donate to help a Small Business

Donations under this program will be applied to Sponsorship funds and will be coordinated by Brazil Florida Alliance a non-profit organization.
Any question in this regard please, email to:
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For Webpages in Portuguese and Leads Generator Program:
Small Businesses being sponsored for FREE to little cost will be eligible for the program which includes 3 static pages in Portuguese, a banner to be embedded on any website and full on-ground support for 60 days.

Upload text with links and images of pages on your existing website that contains product or service information to be exposed to the Brazilian market in Portuguese.

Upon completing this form you will have the option of uploading images to be used, all images must be (.jpg) with minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

To upload another file, complete the registration and access the site with your email and password.

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The programs are intended to assist companies and entrepreneurs to get leads and develop business in Brazil but no assurance or guarantees for new business can be made. Sponsorship funds are based on availability and will be applied towards full or partial cost of program of choice of small businesses members registered with BFA. Created webpages in Portuguese as well as local Brazil phone number will be hosted and managed by program administrator.
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