Real State Investments

Big Profits from Middle Class Housing in Brazil

Developing real estate in Brazil can provide investors with profit margins around 30%. Strategic International Solutions – SIS4Biz has projects available capital returns projected to begin within the first year of investment. Most developments in Brazil sale on pre-construction bases.

According to research by the FGV Foundation, the Brazilian “middle class” has grown from 44 to 52% over the last 6 years and now represents about 100 million consumers – an increase of almost 20 million consumers with family incomes ranging from $600 to $2650 per month. To illustrate the potential, real estate financing in Brazil represents only 2% of GDP and interest rates are still 10 to 12% for most residential loans.
Brazil has acquired investment grade status and interest rates have come down from astronomic levels to an “affordable” 12% in 2009. For the first time ever, Brazilians now have access to home mortgages that allow them to finance their homes over 15, 20 or even 30 years.

As the most prominent housing lender in the country - Caixa Econômica Federal - reported a 95.1 percent rise in loan volumes in the first 6 months of 2010, the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings (Associação Brasileira das Entidades de Crédito Imobiliário e Poupança, ABECIP) estimated the total mortgage debt level to reach R$ 500 billion by 2014 (currently standing at R$ 265 billion).

The country's prominent banks continued to report growth levels. In 2010, Bradesco achieved its second highest historical profit levels and also indicating that 2 million of its customers had moved up the demographic social scale from classes D and E to C. Santander Brasil reported a 9.5 percent growth rate between March and June and HSBC also stated their intentions to double their asset portfolio up to 2012.

How does it work?

a. SIS4Biz will provide investor with details of project during first meeting
b. SIS4Biz will research and recommend new investments opportunities based on investors goals
c. SIS4Biz will have real estate agent in Brazil locate and present best deals available
d. SIS4Biz will provide necessary assistance, including legal, with negotiations and contracts
e. SIS4Biz will present investors with optional investment funds
f. SIS4Biz will execute registration with Central Bank in Brazil for proper transfer of funds to and from Brazil
g. SIS4Biz will apply marketing strategies to conclude sales quickly for capital investment return

How to get started?

a. Select the “Do It Now” button
b. Complete form and schedule the first meeting with SIS4Biz and conclude payment of initial fee
c. Download the Non Disclosure Agreement, complete, sign and send according to instructions
d. First meeting will identify objectives and gather necessary materials and information to create the most effective and cost efficient plan possible
e. A complete detailed proposal will be presented by SIS4Biz within five days after first meeting
f. After proposal approval and confirmation to SIS4Biz, the process for execution of the plan is quickly started under SIS4Biz full coordination and control
g. Weekly progress reports are made available to clients through Client Login Area on SIS4Biz website