Brazil Related Training
Basics for trade with focus in Brazil
Culture, Import, Export and Logistics for Products and Services

Choose a Venue:

1. University of Northeast Florida – CE

2. Corporate Headquarters or other locations based on group’s needs

Training Program Objectives:
  • Provide US/Florida Companies with better understanding of Brazil business processes necessary for Entrepreneurs, Business owners and/or employees of businesses already involved or interested in getting involved with import, export or logistics with Brazilian market in focus.
  • Develop a Certification process that is recognized by industry and the international trading community
  • Develop and enhance existing business relationships and resource materials to assist in business with new leads for business growth
  • Increase jobs and career awareness
  • Increase knowledge for business start-ups opportunities
  • Increase overseas awareness for business development between US and Brazil
What Differentiates this Training from Other Trade Training Programs?
  • FOCUS is on Brazil, population of 190 million, leading Latin America and Mercosur Country and Florida's number one trade partner
  • Training is on Exporting and Importing of Products and Services, combined with logistics, cultural and other aspects of doing business in Brazil
  • Participants will receive a Bonus Evaluation of an initial Strategic Marketing Plan for Brazil for Free, after guidance to create a plan is provided during training
  • Special invitations to participants for after the Training events will provide necessary opportunities for business development networking
  • Brazil Trade Missions will be made available to participants at discounted prices
  • Scholarships and grants, when available, will keep costs accessible to everyone
  • Participants will gain knowledge of Government and private sector partners available for assistance and information when developing business overseas, with focus in Brazil
  • Information and introduction to Associations in Florida and Brazil that can further assist companies in business development